Thursday, 7 October 2010

Motorsport: FIA President to make a day visit to Kenya - Return the Safari Rally to WRC

According to media reports,  Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) President Jean Todt is making a 1-day visit to the country. Seeing as we had in a previous post, the Kenya Motorsport Federation which seeks to build rallying as a sport in the country, shall hope to pitch the idea of a return of the Safari Rally back to the World Rally Championship circuit.
It's may seem like an easy call since the President himself is pushing for a 12-Rally calendar ( from the current 13) where rallies are proposed to go beyond the 12-hour day sessions that have been the standard nowadays. Developments are in place to have the rally cars fitted with devices to help with rallying at night.
There is also the sponsorship proposition that Rally organisers have to foot. This usually runs into 100s of millions which the host country's organisers are supposed to guarantee.The WRC -with its partners can then add the event to the calendar.
Mr. Todt  we make a passion appeal for the Safari Rally to make its comeback to the circuit and continue being Africa's jewel in rallying ( we lost this and the Paris-Dakar Rally too...). Welcome to Kenya though!

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