Saturday, 21 August 2010

Rugby 7s National Circuit starts...shall this dent Kenya's preparations to Commonwealth Games

The local rugby scene comes alive again with the start of the 7s circuit starting with the Christie 7s. This being the breeding grounds of our national 7s teams, conflicting information has it that the Kenya Rugby Union intended for the Kenyan national team players to be excluded from the initial tournaments to enable them prepare for the October Commonwealth Games in India.
Given that quite a number of teams in the Commonwealth Games also feature in the IRB circuit, the concern of the national office is an important thing to note. The local clubs have argued otherwise with some contenders such as Mwamba having 4 of their key players in the national team. With the release of the players for them to feature in the opening event ( there are 5 events in the 7s circuit proudly sponsored by Western Union), we do hope other players in the clubs shall make an impression to beef up the national team which in serious need of raise after the 2009/10 under par showing in the IRB series.
The Commonwealth Games shall also serve as a good curtain-raiser but surely hope the players do not suffer burn-out from over-exposure in the number of games to be played throughout from 2010 to 2011.

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