Thursday, 26 August 2010

Promulgate yes, but you better change the Kenyan Sports scene too....

If you are in Kenya, the last few days (and obviously the next few too) we have the benefit of adding to our vocabulary a new word, PROMULGATE. All said and done, it is good for a nation to move from one state of affairs and mature to the next stage and earning its place in history for it's fairly all-inclusive, all consultative and largely well-publicised process.
While it is always fair to criticise our politicians and policy-makers for not making progress in some of the country's sectors, we hope the new mood in the air shall drive some sense into the very people we seek to engage in making our country a hub of sport and secure its place on the world scene.
We shall not celebrate yet, but shall join Kenyans in marking this occasion tomorrow. The pessimist side of things tells us it's a slow grind getting to the 'promised land' (with regard to sports). It also requires vigilance from all involved parties - players, officials, investors, corporate firms, media and all - that wish well for this very lucrative and unifying sector but often overlooked and under-estimated.
Mark your calendars people, 27th August 2010, we start counting as we hope to keep the promises to ourselves and the very state of Kenya. God bless Kenya !

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