Monday, 24 May 2010

Mariga's Inter Milan Score Treble but....

Over the weekend for most Kenyans it was the perfect curtain-raiser for the upcoming 2010 World Cup. Kenya's own Macdonald Mariga didn't play in the Final but that was not a hindrance as by virtue of his team being in the final, we rooted for the team to make history under one Jose Mourinho.
History indeed was made and Inter became among the elite European teams of winning the treble ( the League Championship, League Cup and Champions League) - other teams being Ajax Amsterdam, Celtic , among others and most recently Barcelona last season.
While we congratulate Mourinho for winning these titles, there is the small thing of his unconfirmed move to Real Madrid. As he was quoted saying that any manager worth his salt must have coached in the 3 most competitive leagues, and that Real's always a boon; we cannot guarantee Mariga's fate in playing for regular games for Inter let alone his being part of next season's team.

Hoping Mourinho's continues with his tradition of moving along with some of the players who help him mould a team, Mariga might be excess of his requirements given the La Liga's team penchant for spending excessively to attract the best talent. Again seeing as some of the game's scouts might be tempted to indulge in the transfer market after the World Cup hoping to get some raw talent  from there ( though most post-World Cup signings prove to be highly over-rated, we all know of the Davor Sukers, Denilsons and others of this game).
There is also the bait that Manchester City might be seeking what they missed out in the mid-season's signings in January. 
All in all, we pray our home-boy gets the chance to prove his own on the pitch whichever team he plays for, we shall be seeing our boys conquer Europe in the 2010/2011 Champions League.

Dennis Oliech's the other Kenya expected to play in next season's Champions' League after Auxerre finished third and thus is to play in the League proper. We sure hope to see more Kenyans moving into the lucrative fields after getting transfers from the local league as we improve on our game here. Who's most likely to join Mariga and Oliech? Keep it here as we keep you posted on the off-season, summer signings.

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