Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Kenya's only semblance of a Sports FM Station falters

Maybe it's me or has the media scene in Kenya been reduced to a duopoly? What's even more depressing is the fact that what was almost an exclusive sports FM radio station, Radio Jambo 97.5 has changed editorial policy. They say, it's in line with the 'market needs and advertisers interests'.
Although much of the editorial stuff was foreign-based with the most coming from the European football scene, I'd think the station would have done better if they decided to focus on more local sports news and live coverage.
Talking about live coverage, could the partnership with DStv, Radio Africa (Jambo FM's parent company) & KBC have informed the decision to reduce their content? Right now Jambo FM sounds like it's trying to replicate what other stations such as Q FM ( Nation's Swahili station), Milele FM and Radio Citizen are doing. Anyone trying to maintain standards or is it free-fall there? Their presenters needed a class or two on professional coverage and reporting.
For any future investors in media and especially sports-related in Kenya or indeed in Africa, please do your legwork and background checks REALLY well. It's sad that when the 2010 World Cup is setting foot in Africa, we are turning things for the worst. Or can SuperSport make it's way into radio? Maybe, just maybe someone is listening...
For a full list of Kenyan FM radio stations check here.


DataMiner said...

There should be enough local content to keep a station going, interspersed with the normal EPL content we all crave so much. With Mariga's move to Inter Milan, people will now also pay interest to the Serie A and Messi's drawing them to La Liga. I don't think our stations really do thorough surveys and merely respond to whims and fancies. There may just be enough listeners for all the radio stations in the country.

Sportskenya said...

You can say that again. They bow down to the pressure of the advertisers and vested interests on their editorial content, copying what other stations are already doing. Sad I must say !