Tuesday, 26 January 2010

AFC Leopards Spotless for now ???

It seems symptomatic of Kenyan sports ( no pun intended for the Leopards FC fans) that anytime there is a semblance of success, all hell breaks loose.
According to media reports, AFC Leopards one of Kenyan's football club with a rich heritage has been having 2 camps training separately and under different management. As a keen supporter of the development of the local game, consultations with reliable sources managing the team's affair indicate that this was a case of blown egos from the past season.

While it is any fans wish that some of these problems would stop manifesting themselves just before the team engages in its first continental challenge in the last 13 years, it cannot escape the usual infighting that comes with success and promises expected. A causary look at most of the Kenyan teams and the sponsorship they are attracting gives credence to this.
In addition to this, we have seen KFF or whatever body runs the game serve as the template for most clubs where chaos and underhand dealings run the game. FIFA has not helped matters either as they have come up with all sorts of reasons to save their underlings managing the local scene.
If my sources are correct, the 2 camps have buried the hatchet and decided to merge the teams and also the management. One of the opposing camps has been raising the issue of legitimacy of the elections held, but we all know the price of 'democracy' especially when you decide to boycott the polls. As such the official management team is as follows;

Chairman - Julius Ochiel
Executive Director - Micah Luvutse
Logistics Manager - Gilbert Selebwa
Chief Steward - Edward Mulanda
Technical bench comprises of ;
Technical Director – Chris Makokha
Team Manager – Tony Lidonde
Head Coach – Jean Marie Abeels from Belgium
First Assistant Coach – Roberto Bollen from Brazil
Second Assistant Coach – Charles Bushira
Physiotherapist – Aggrey Omune

As for Nick Yakhama, the axe seems to have landed on him heavily and especially because of the taking of sides when things almost got out of hand. It doesn't bode well for any technician to start voicing your opinion rather too loudly. You can ask the English Premiership League and other European Leagues managers.

- The ongoing imbroglio seems to have raised the profile of the SuperCup game between AFC Leopards {winners of Kenya (formerly President's) Cup 2009} & Sofapaka (Kenya Premier League winners 2009) to be played on February 6th 2010 and to be screened on SuperSport.
- There is also the small matter of the continental challenge starting with the Ethiopians on February 14th.

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