Thursday, 3 December 2009

East African Classic Safari

The dust's finally settled down at the Coast and in the North Eastern part of Tanzania. While the locals may claim victory, a lot needs to done for the rally to really connect with Kenyans the way the main one did.
First, there has to be a substantial number of prominent drivers (former winners can get leeway here). Local drivers could be an added attraction and indigenous ones at that. The Patrick Njirus and Jonathan Toroitichs of this part of the world did a great deal of a PR job for the rally, they can come back and return the favour to the Classic version.
I am also wondering if the organisers could consider covering more than two East African country, and venture into Uganda as well. This is the whole essence of the East Africa and I'm sure our colonial masters did enjoy their rendezvous back in the day. We could offer the same to our present day rally enthusiasts and make it a one-of-its kind.
Considering Africa's loss of two major races from The Safari Rally and Paris-Dakar Rally, we need to work within ourselves and make it happen. We can't wait for the WRC technocrats.

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