Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Football: Sofapaka gets KSh. 12 million sponsorship from East Africa Portland

The new darlings of Kenyan football, Sofapaka are currently unveiling a KSh. 12 million sponsorship package from East African Portland Cement Co. The club's name stands for SOTE (kama) FAmilia (kwa) PAmoja Kuafikia Azimio and is one of the few clubs with steady membership. It's website has some interesting insights, though not regularly updated.The club which got promotion last season to the Kenya Premier League-KPL are currently leading the standings and look set to win the title if they win at least 2 of the remaining games has made a sterling performance in this year's games.
The club has been enjoying support from one Elly M. Kalekwa. The club's management includes Granton Samboja -chairman - he of the Milele FM - media company and prominent radio personality.
This sponsorship will see the club's financial commitments receive a major boost if they are to continue with the challenge for continental honours if they win the KPL. They may also receive a boon for purchase of talented local players as the League continues making headways into professionalism. A plus for Kenyan football and indeed Kenyan sport !


Anonymous said...

The portland sponsorship is a brave and great stuff especially as it's gone SOFAPAKA's way,to start with sofa are well displined,great talent and simply God's work!,more sponsorsip to other local premier clubs would be great,thank's to porty management for giving back to society!

oganaz said...

Kenya has just lost in the qualification towards Angola 2010,can any one forgive FKL,they are ever ,always messing us up,cant they listen and leave enmass!God save us FAN'S!

SportsKenya said...

Oganaz I feel your agony. We really need to sort that mess not wait for Sepp & co from FIFA. Anon, the hard work starts now! Retaining the trophy and making a mark in continental competition has never been an easy task for Kenyan clubs. Let's see how 2010 unfolds!