Friday, 2 October 2009

EABL severs rugby relations with final knock off Safari 7s

It's some of the news you don't want to hear or if your do you don't want to believe. How do you just wake up one day and decide to end such a lucrative and recognised events this side of the world?
I'd say it will be one of the worst corporate blunders of the year. I'm really hoping there is some rationale to this but you don't lose 13 years heritage and just say it's a 'business decision'. The Union I suspect may also have sent out feelers before finally severing their relationship with Tusker.
The bad blood started in May and the journey's come to an end. A quick check tells me there maybe a number of corporate firms willing to take up the sponsorship but there will be no brand close enough to what Tusker got to. It will also not be possible for the Union to cut a medium to long-term deal.
It's my hope that someone can prove me wrong, but we might see another of our sports events brand start going down the drain. Remember the Safari Rally without Marlboro?

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