Thursday, 24 September 2009

Basketball: New Format for Play-offs

The Kenya Basketball Federation has decided to introduce a new format for the play-offs starting this season. The play-offs usually played in November as the season closes, will entertain 8 teams from a previous 4. This may be good to make it more competitive but I still stick to my guns saying we need more than piecemeal changes to make our players world-class acts.
Look at some of Africa's strong teams in Basketball, such as Nigeria, Angola, Congo et al; these guys have a competitive league which ensure they can churn out talent to play college basketball and club too in America and Europe respectively. The other day in the Press we read about the first Tanzanian in the NBA, one Hasheem Thabeet.He made it through getting scholarship playing at the University of Connecticut after being spotted in a local basketball tournament-in Kenya if I must say...
I can't repeat what I have time and again said in this blog, we have administrators managing the game right now (and they are not doing a very good job at it, if reports from some of the clubs is anything to go by) but rather a mix of admin people and individuals with commercial expertise.
We have for long trained young men and women from South Sudan and the region too but we have not made any impact yet at national and international level. Please act on this KBF and let not those peeves you have been having not relegate our game into the bins but instead take it to the next level.

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