Saturday, 1 August 2009

World Athletics Championships-Media madness

Is it me or does the media just get wrong all the time when we have training for major meets? The other day, as I was watching the sports news I saw this media house cover the training session of the national team as they went through their paces after moving their training from the major stadia which are hosting other sports events.
They maybe looking for a news item (as they are almost always short of local content...) but the damage they do to our sports personalities is irreparable. If you check other sports networks, they usually avail themselves for training sessions for sports like football and try get their news from there. The teams are usually very secretive of what and how much access is given to media.
The same ought to be done to our national team. That's why we have people called media liaisons. When you are up against some of the most competitive teams like the Ethiopians, Eritreans and North Africans as well as upcoming individual talents from France (in 3000m steeplechase), Ugandans, Qataris among others; you don't go telling the world what you are doing.
Take a case of what Kenya's Harambee Stars coach Hey has done and banned media from shooting training sessions of the team. The same needs to be done and if there any burning issues, the media should seek proper briefs not seeing some images of a Tv crew blowing dust to a team on a mission to keep our image up there ( not our doomed politicians who keep shooting themselves time and again).

Was that a bird, was that a plane, no it's the AK Bus !

Athletics Kenya, I'll do this for free but please moderate or even ban these guys !

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