Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Athletics:- African Championships in 2010, what is going on?

While the restof the sporting fraternity is focussed on the 2010 World Cup, we have a small matter of the African Athletics Championship which we ought to be thinking about. From media reports, we might as good as not hosting it thanks to the ongoing squabbles between the Ministry of Sport and Athletics Kenya officials.
When Kenya was awarded this honour, it goes without saying ,it was long overdue just as it was with the 2007 World Cross-Country championships. Even though we didn't win the individual races, the event had the impact of changing the fortunes of Mombasa and the country in hosting sports events. But as we lost our senses come the Elections, we seem not to have woken from that slumber.
The current Minister, who I'm increasingly seeing as a handicap to sports in Kenya has made it known that she has not been properly briefed by the former Minister. The Government has also remained mum about any funds committed towards the event. By now an organising committee ought to be in place, having visited previous hosts and looked into ways of improving on that offering.
We also need to appoint more accountable officials not like what we had with the World Cross-Country championships where they took more than 6 months to produce a dubious report which seems to have been forgotten, thanks to the rubbing of hands here and there.
As for Athletics Kenya, I said here before, we are stuck in a rut in terms of developing new ideas for the discipline. What do you expect when officials have monopolised offices for the last decade?


Andruid said...

two things

1. What amounts to being properly briefed for our Sports minister

1. Is it possible for anything to be hosted in kenya without squabbling.

SportsKenya said...

That's the height of lameness and non-committal nature of Kenyan ministers. Where there's Government monies involved, you're bound to see all sorts of noises.
We should have a public-private partnership but then again who am I fooling...?