Wednesday, 27 May 2009

NOCK Elections...same old same old !

One of Kenya's oldest sports association held its elections over the weekend with the usual controversies about this and that post. The association attracts some of the most lucrative deals ranging from sponsorship deals with the partners of the International Olympic Committee such as Nike and others; to annual grants from the same body and also Government support. 
Again the same officials are usual gallivanting across the world being lavished by various cities as they wish to win their votes as they bid for the Olympic Games. These among other trappings make more attractive than other associations in town. Given that their mandate too only becomes busy when the country's team is about to go for the Olympics, these guys enjoy one of the easiest rides in sports administration.
Thus when one veteran official lamented that he was being sidelined from the gravy train- ironic since he's also led the athletics' world with similar if not worse tactics- even though the second most powerful official from the same body was reportedly able to sneak in his nomination papers for the same position our official was fighting for.
Well, most of the officials maintained their positions but the exception ( and I hope she doesn't disappoint) is the election of Catherine Ndereba as a committee member. Her election is precedent since most sports bodies are led by retired hands in their disciplines. The transition she will make into sports administration may augur well for the future of sports in the country. I only wish the same was translating into the sports bodies....
But surely why do we need officials holding office for 2-3 terms yet they are not adding value to the sport ? Talk about a revolution !

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