Thursday, 16 April 2009

BackStory on CNN-Sports Coverage

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Thanks to some of my insomniac habits and also obsession with sports, the other day after watching one of the most dramatic games of the UEFA Champions League, I managed to catch the CNN's BackStory.
OK for the uninitiated, BackStory goes for story behind the story-the drama and hassles going into delivering news and shows it also delves into how correspondents deal with these challenges and human emotions they confront. Most of the stories usually go beyond the usual politics and gloom currently experienced across the world.
My scoop though was on how the CNN WorldSport guys get their stories and deliver them. As one Terry Baddoo said ,'its more than just lifting their legs and enjoying their favourite teams play or games'. From the slotting of the stories to the editing, filling in the relevant parts as well as committing viewers to the last item, the editors have quite task, which they navigate almost seamlessly.
You find a guy on like 3-5 phones at a time as he tries to keep tabs with the field correspondents from across the world; tv clips which at times have to be delayed or shown as images to avoid infringing on tv rights; updates from ongoing events and the occasional weird sport and Play of the Day- these guys make sports coverage an art.
In addition to this, the studio anchor ensures he or she has the necessary witty remarks which serve as a good break from the 'serious news' which CNN is known for.
My favourite is usually Mark McKay as well as the host of the BackStory- Michael Holmes -though he's not a sports anchor.
If you stay up till some of those ungodly hours, you can catch it around midnight(+3 GMT-East African Time) at this part of the world.

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