Saturday, 14 February 2009

Animation : Supa Strikas

Image courtesy of Supa

For those who love animated series ( some of us are still suckers for these things), the Supa Strikas animated series will be screened on your local TVs courtesy of Nation TV ( NTV). This is one of the most favourite animations with the young ones and young at heart. Previously this series has been covered on Nation Newspapers (every Saturday) with a full comic, once every month.
It generates some interest among the teens and I'm always having to fight with my nieces to read the comic. I guess now the fights are over.
Do catch these series on NTV every Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 a.m. -at least some more meaningful content from the weird cartoons that have made it on our screens these days.


Andruid said...

I apologise for hating in advance.

In my opinion the plotlines have less variety than an episode of the Power Rangers, and the whole Supa Stikas project is a glorified vehicle for product placement.

I apologise for hating, cute as Shakes Makena and his homies are.

SportsKenya said...

The storyline's a rather shallow, but the artwork is good. There is also some semblance with real life characters but on a whole I give it a fair judgement which can grow to a serious animation series.