Monday, 26 January 2009

Motorsport in Kenya gets thumbs-up from KCB

Fresh from having bad publicity from the scandal involving one of its sponsors, Kenya Motorsport Federation got a shot in the arm with its main sponsor committing another Kshs. 90 million over the next 3 years. That goes a long way in encouraging local rally drivers who may have started having second thoughts about the sport.
Rally enthusiasts will be treated to another round of rallies and the main one of course being the Safari Rally which is included in the International Rally Championship as it hopes to make its way back to the World Rallying Championship. KMSF ought to attract some bigger fish and give a good account of itself as they organise these circuits. A few foreign competitors ought to give our local drivers a challenge and ensure the sport attracts foreign media.
As for KCB, thanks for going against the grain and remaining true to the sport. Asanteni sana !
Azar Anwar is crowned as the top driver for the season ended 2008. Find this here.

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