Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kenya Football Fallacies & Fantasies

It’s only in Kenya where once you do a great job, you get booted by your bosses. It’s only in Kenya where you find rewards for being mediocre. It’s only in Kenya where the more corrupt you are, the more glorified you become.
Over the weekend, while we enjoyed rare showers being a shiny season; the rains beat us from one of the bodies claiming to run football allegedly sacking the national football coach for ‘hard-headedness and insubordination’. It’s alleged that he refused to take the team for 2 friendlies in Yemen and Spain last year before the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup-even after it was claimed he had requested for the same. There were other accusations which I won’t dwell on here.
My point(s) of concern is;
1) With the team still fresh from its first outing this year, we need a sense of stability and continuity to be able to hold for the upcoming tie against Tunisia in March.
2) Who in reality is running Kenyan football? This question needs to be answered by the Kenyan government officials as CAF and FIFA will never gives us a clear picture of this. They have more serious things to do and one of Africa’s fledging countries can’t hold them ransom with its shenanigans.
3) While the Government maybe under pressure from FIFA, they can turn the heat on and take over the management of the national team. That way they can save us some blushes from the FKL and KFF clowns.
4) I can almost certainly say we have squandered and lost enough opportunities to put our act together in sport especially football. With all the goodwill from sponsors such as MultiChoice, and a local league attracting fair representation, we have taken 3 steps forward but 5 back.
5) Can we disband football and just forget it the game for the next few years in Kenya? We can continue our viewership of European and South American leagues with ease.
As for the football officials purportedly running Kenyan football, barbs galore for your 2009 season !

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