Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Golf City in Kenya

An ambitious plan has been doing the rounds in Nairobi about the development of Golf City right next to the CBD. While it looks good on paper, the whole project reeks of a raw deal considering the parties involved.
For starters, it is known that the Kenya Railways Corporation which invited the bids is in dire straits having lost much of its business to trailer load and trucks which transport the cargo which is their core business. The corporation concessioned part of its business to Rift Valley Railways which is also not doing thus far.
Secondly, KRC is one of the largest land owners in the country and has had to fight with both politicians and greedy individuals who are always on the hunt of their idle development land. A close look at the proposed site of the Golf City attests to this.
For what is prime land between the Jomo Kenyatta Airport to the CBD, it's anyone's guess what they will be on the look-out for.
I will not belabour the point for now, but I believe there are other sports which would be more deserving than golf for now and also the fact that the intended project doesn't even seem to have a target audience.
Considering the development of a similar project at the Coast which in my thinking would be a more viable option, I will not voice my support for this.
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