Wednesday, 10 December 2008

AFC Leopards Revival

Watching last night on the local TV networks, I almost thought I was watching something out of Europe or other parts of Africa. For a league that has known so much mediocrity, the AFC officials have taken a fresh approach and should be commended for the same.
A friend of mine who has been doing consultancy work for their blueprint had been intimating this information to me and I thought it was just a pipe dream. Mr ole Magelo has made his intention known and kudos for that. One Mr. Richard M-Marketing Manager has his work cut out and now knows they have quite a task for the coming season.
We also hope they are vindicated for their controversial re-entry into the KPL Premier League. And also don't try to set up high expectations since some of the plans seem too unrealistic for now....partnership with Liverpool, that would be stretching our imagination....
All the same, you've got your bed, make it ! For all your local football lovers, they will be playing their arch-rivals Gor Mahia for the Jamhuri Cup as we have a precursor to Kenya's El Classico.
Check out more information on afcleopards.

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