Monday, 3 November 2008

Sports Ministry gets working on 2012 Olympics

Last week saw sports administrators and some sports enthusiasts joined Government officials led by the PS one retired Col. Kinuthia Murugu, Sports Commissioner Gordon Oluoch and Sports Secretary Daniel Maanzo in launching the masterplan for the 2012 Olympics Games to be held in London.
The forum had quite a number of participants drawn from the different federations and sports associations. This was a ground-breaking in many ways and progress has to be made from this.
As has been the case with previous administrations,we play lip service to performances or how to improve them during our international outings only for us to be overtaken by events.
This year's performance at the Beijing Games can be attributed to sheer hardwork by most of the athletes and incentives schemes from the Government and private companies alike. But this is not sustainable if our sports people are to be a regular feature in the world map.
What's even more concerning is that all the medals came from one discipline with others close but not good enough-swimming and tae-kwon-do. While some sports critics will fault the approach, I will vouch for the same though with greater involvement from community levels and deeper pockets in the name of corporates.
We also need to have regular national sports games modelled with different disciplines aside. The KECOSO Games and such like come to mind . There should also be proper co-ordination and planning of the assault with the Ministry setting up both Govt technocrats and sports consultants to monitor quarterly updates on the progress made.
My friend Okoth Omulo thinks of it this way !

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