Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Our Game : Basketball

Mr. Chairman,

This is a short letter to you for you and your esteemed office at the Federation. First I'd congratulate you on being elected to the highest office in the land relating to basketball. Your efforts from the academia seemed worth the while and worked like a charm on our delegates.

Secondly, I'll applaud you on your pronouncements that you will see the Kenyan teams(men and ladies) at the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London. That's a mean achievement and the sheer pleasure from representing Kenya and Africa would be leaps and bounds bigger than anything that has happened to Kenyan basketball.

Talking of happening, what has happened this year since you took office ? Hmmm....there has been a quiet season with not much incidents. Why even the Play-offs have been quite a blip in the basketball calendar ? There was team though that was suspended for non-payment of participation fees this late into the season. I guess Mr. Secretary or is it Fixtures Secretary / Treasurer have been too busy to look into their books. Or maybe the outgoing office was not as co-operative. I understand they didn't even have records for the last 5 years in office.

Mr. Chairman, I'm informed that you've banned any alcoholic drinks,drugs and made basketball tournaments non-smoking zones. I salute you !

Lastly just as a matter of concern, do we know the average attendance of a basketball game in Kenya in the past season ? The Play-offs have been looking empty , I guess the rains have beat you hard even to make us stay away.

Oh, I also forgot, you were to launch a Vision or Masterplan for the game for your term in office. I'm still waiting for that in my mail,but you know with PostOffice Corporation of Kenya, they at times take their time loading our boxes.

As the boys go for their long holidays, I believe you can extend your stay in the City in the Sun to finish up on this business. Having won Principal of the year award, you can translate some of that magic into the people's game. And since Obama's happened on the scene, I guess we might have a gymnasium of international proportions in Kisumu before 2012.

Your hoopless player,


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