Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Latin America : Can Kenya draw experiences from there ?

From official sources, a high powered delegation will be making a visit to Latin American countries of Brazil and Venezuela this month. The team is expected to explore possibilities in trade, agriculture, telecommunications, medicine and fuel. The region has earned accolades from analysts from far and wide. Brazil is in fact one of the largest exporters of food items with sugar, fruits and beans making a huge component of these exports. Venezuela's also a major contributor to Latin America's rapid growth.
What I found wanting from the main themes, was that no sports agenda will be attended to, which I think is disappointing. Given that Kenya's hoping to qualify for the upcoming World Cup and also feature strongly in the 2012 London Olympic, this would have been an opportune time to launch exchange programs for different sporting disciplines such as football, volleyball, swimming and even boxing.
Scholarships and technical programmes for coaching staff can be explored too. I
also feel some of the companies can sponsor one or two local teams in their visits there. Kenyan companies can also learn a thing too about sponsorship and support of sports.
I do hope the contingent can spare sometime to visit the Maracana in Rio to see what a spectacle Brazil hopes to make in 2014 as they host the World Cup. Who knows we could even become serious contenders for 2028 Olympics (sic).....!

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