Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hell's about to break loose

With the upcoming elections for the Kenya Football Federation in December, we are likely to witness a nasty affair in the Kenyan football scene. Officials whom I can't really say runs what will be up against many upshots of officials wishing to join what is perceived as one of the 'gravy trains' of sports federations in the country.
With FIFA dedicating development funds and regular grants to the federation and the upcoming World Cup in 2010, you are sure to see pretenders and interested parties flock like a pack of wolves on some hefty catch.
Already barbs are being thrown with some former officials requesting for the intervention of CAF's President's direct intervention. That's a bit far-fetched but in the interest of the game might be the best option to ensure a semblance of order. The Sports Minister has also asked for an orderly affair but I'm not sure she wants to get invovled in the nasty affairs of the game. This has proven more than once to be the Achilles heel for many a sports minister in Kenya.
For the sake of a peaceful time these holidays,can the elections be held before the 5th of December ?


Andruid said...

We might as well invite FIFA to hand pick their people to run the game seeing as how when push comes to shove without their approval all of this is vanity

Sportskenya said...

FIFA's status is equal to some of states and with the kind of largesse in their hands, I can agree with you to some extent. We can't seem to get anything right on football in Kenya ? Can we ?