Thursday, 21 August 2008

Secondary Schools Sports Circles

Another victim of the Olympic Games is the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports which took place in the last 2 weeks in Machakos. In recent years, these games have attracted much attention not just from the fan base but also from media stations and corporate firms seeking to support youth and sport.
For a second year running, Barclays Bank and Brookside Milk were on hand to make the Games a success and though the venues were nothing to write home about;there was indeed some impressive showing by the lads down there. Going by the Kenya Football Federation's Technical Director's word, Mr.Naggi, there is a likelihood of at least 18 players being absorbed into the Premiership teams.
I'd not want to keep singing this song about youth and sport.
I have been vindicated by the going-ons at the Olympics:
-Usain Bolt 100m & 200m gold medallist-21 years,
-Pamela Jelimo 800m gold medallist-17 years,
-Michael Phelps multiple gold medallist-23 years
These are but a few of the people,I'd quickly mention to that effect. They've been there, done that and are the way into future of sport !
Let's look forward to next year's game and see what future this holds for Kenyan sports.

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