Friday, 1 August 2008

Protégé Basketball Camps

Hot on the heels of the Sprite Elevate Street-ball tournament, Protégé Basketball presents Seed Basketball Camps. This is also as the holidays for school-going lads’ starts. It will also blend in well with the Finals of the Elevate Street-ball games expected to be played end of August 2008.
This is a fresh idea and comes right in time when parents are grappling with what to do with their kids during the holidays. IN this age of Internet, drugs, among other distractions it augurs well with most people to have the lads doing something constructive especially with their bodies.
These camps will be conducted by former National Colleges of America Association (NCAA) Division I players as well as pro-League players. The venue will be the Braeburn High School Gymnasium off Gitanga Road towards Kawangware (pick a no.46 bus or matatu). I surely hope the KBF officials will be watching and learning a thing or two.
Let your kid be the protégé they hope to be!

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