Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Kenyan Olympic Hopes

I'll join the savvy train and be a cheerleader as we look out for our Kenyan sportsmen taking part in the Beijing Olympics. This year we have some interesting personnel up there and are represented in 4 other disciplines besides the usual athletics- swimming,boxing,rowing and tae-kwo-ndo.
The realist in me tells me the athletics might gather a couple of medals with 3 gold at the best and a silver trail. As for the other disciplines, I can almost bet we'll record respectable times and participation but thank-you-very-much no medals.
As competition rises and the stakes ever so high, the sports power-houses of US, China and Australia will scorch the trails as they seek to outdo each other.
As African reps, Kenya will have to play 2nd fiddle to South Africa, Nigeria and to some extent Ethiopia.
The added incentive of our Pres. of KShs. 750,000-for gold medals;KShs.500,000 and KShs.250,000 for bronze medals won't be enough to pull up our performances. But then history ought to serve us well.
1968:Kenya wins her first gold and goes on to win 2 others making it Africa's best performer;
1988: Kenya records her best record so far winning 5 gold medals with a 1st African gold in boxing.
2008:......-what's gonna be ?

Beijing will have 9 new events for the first time in the Olympics;
Athletics:3000 m steeplechase women
Swimming: Marathon events of 10km
to name but a few.

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