Monday, 28 July 2008

Maralal Camel Derby

One of the region’s unique events, the Maralal Camel Derby will be run during the first weekend of August. This event attracts camel riders from far away as Canada and Australia and has over the years been a major event in the sporting calendar. Too bad the last 2 years it didn’t happen for various reasons and again our obsession with mainstream sports{ Thanks to a blogger comment, I'm informed the Derby did indeed take place, only this time there was less fuss and media coverage around it} .As noted by the Kenya Tourism Board, the event attracts not just participants but visitors from the different countries coming to the country. This is a good platform to sell their tourism packages and also give the country’s northern region the much-needed exposure to the rest of the country. This is the country’s under-developed region and this year’s event will hope to raise funds towards development projects of the region.
For those who love out-of-town escapades and bush-tracking, this is an event for you as you enjoy the relics offered by the Maralal.
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Meryl Pannaci said...

Wrong, my friend. The Camel Derby DID take place in 2006 and 2007.

The Figure said...

OK Meryl thanks for the information. I guess I didn't get any information about it last year and 2006 too. I'll correct the anomaly. Apologies for that, keep blogging !