Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Elevate 2008 : Post Analysis

For those who made it to Elevate on Saturday we all had some interesting takes on the day. First I'll have to give it to Homeboyz for organising some nice venue and 1 half of the court ( the other half looked like just another street part).The entertainment was also on the better side though the DJ kept trying too hard as though we were in some DJ competition. There was also affordable food as most of these events tend to over-price their food thinking all of us love junk food.
Collo of Kleptomaniax also did a good job MCing the event and I liked the one part where a freestyler even rhymed his name into his act....he had the crowd worked up. The 1-on-1 too was excellent and I didn't think we had that much talent in Kenya, them boys can play...wow ! The 3-on-3 though was a bit on the shoddy side and some teams didn't really excite the crowds. Two corporates ( Nation Media Group and Ogilvy & Mather) featured and the former did impress us too.
The dunking competition was almost one side with a guy by the name of Pado (he's been a feature in dunking competitions for like eons now) was ahead of the rest. Creativity was lacking though, but maybe it's over-exposure to the NBA for some of us !
The venue though ideal was a bit hidden making it har fo some to access. I look forward though to some more rounds and hope the Finals will be held at bigger and better venue...Nyayo or Kasarani for that matter !

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