Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Drink Milk & Stay Athletic

That will be the theme this Saturday as New KCC holds an athletics meet at the Nyayo National Stadium. Having secured a sponsorship deal with Athletics Kenya last year,the meet will serve as promotional gig as well as preparation for the gruelling 3 months which includes national trials, Olympic Games and the lucrative Grand Prix season.
I salute the idea of having the company New KCC support athletics as our local athletes can attest that maybe their 'magic portion' lies in the genetic make-up of milk. I remember some Nike advert sometime in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it sought to know the secret behind the Kenyan athletes prowess in running especially long distance races. Part of the perception was that it was carried in the morsik that the athletes drink right from the time they make their first few steps. The jury's still out there.....
Thus said, come support local athletes and cheer them on as they run their hearts out on the Nyayo tartan track. Please beware it might get cold, and you don't want to feel the winds around your ear when out there ! Enjoy a glass of fresh milk or whatever tickles your fancy....some of us are lactose-intolerant you know !

Images courtesy of New KCC Limited

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