Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Kenyan Raga Boys

For the last 2 legs of the IRB Sevens, Kenya will be appropriately represented by the boys who've had a great performance this season. Having shown promise in the last 2 season, the boys have to prove they are no shoo-ins in the party and hope to finish at the 5th or ambitiously the 4th position to rank among the top teams of IRB 7s circuit.
It would also serve them well coming into the local scene as they host the Tusker Safari Sevens as they impress upon their sponsors and justify their money's worth.
Talking of money's worth, Virgin Atlantic announced they would continue supporting the team for the next season . With none other than entrepreneur par excellence Richard Branson playing host to the team at some hotel in Nairobi, the company saw potential in this sport and have provided that much-needed support to them in the current season. The team hasn't let them down one bit !
Now that's what we're talking about. More money into sports !

What I found interesting as the team departed for London, the Kenyan team's (ought to be flying Kenya Airways)flight (Emirates) developed a problem. The team is sponsored by Virgin Atlantic. Interesting times we're living in !

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