Thursday, 13 March 2008

Kenya Basketball opens new leaf

After postponing the elections for the Kenya Basketball Federation for the umpteenth time, they finally held these amid controversy from some of the interested parties.This was due to non-submission of accounts for the year 2006-2007 for the federation by outgoing officials.
Seasoned coach and school administrator Paul Otula was elected Chairman. That would be a crowning moment for the gentleman who has managed top high schools into champions in Mangu and Maseno High.
He was also a former player (forward) with now defunct StanChart team of Kenya's Premier League. He brings in some new ways of managing the sport, but his is a herculean task given that basketball has been thrown into the fringes of sports and not enjoyed the prominence of major disciplines such as rugby, athletics and football(even with all the 'bad publicity')
I would bet he will try get the job done, but for him to attract that ever elusive 'moneybag' , he will need some fresh ideas to bring back the sport to where to ought to be !
We're watching ............


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