Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Beijing Olympics- Is this the lull before the storm ?

I never feel good when politics start coming into the good nature of sports. This being an Olympic, I still dream of having a rich festival of the Games. But there seems to be some really bad blood between the hosts China and the major powerhouses both in politics and sports.
First some Games organising committee consultant( we know him more for his movie productions) decided to quit over the Darfur crisis which much of humanity chooses to ignore. He said his participation would be seemingly support for the current regime in China which turns the other way when humanitarian issues are highlighted in countries they have interests in.
Early this year some small country which the Chinese have always had bad dreams about, brought another nightmare and they seem to be living it now. Tibet is the name. And street protests is the 'game'. This small state has always wanted to keep the world reminded of the bully that 'big brother China' is.
A prominent athlete last week threatened to withdraw from the Games if the pollution levels are not checked by August. This is one the authorities seem to have a major problem with since this means reducing the production levels which will in turn slow down China's fast growing industrialised economy
The media has also started raising dust with a group of 'Press without Borders' players had their stunt over the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in Greece ( well at least they would have waited till it got to China then blow a huge wind over it, but then again you always try get as much publicity from a situation as possible)
While some of the claims have their legitimacy, I don't like the way some of these are coming up so close to what ought to be one of the most memorable and highly visible Olympic Games. I'm sure the doomsayers also seem to be working overtime to see this happens.
Some of the past Games were held under similar or even worse circumstances but the world had seemingly gotten over this since the Los Angeles Games 1984 which had most of the then-Communist state boycotting them.
I'll still book my seat at my favourite sports joint ( or humble sittings at home if any of our national networks )decides to carry it.

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