Friday, 14 December 2007

Another Volleyball legend passes on

In this time and age, we so often forget our heros and heroines and Kenya is not exception. The glory days of our volleyball ladies team didn't start in the 2000s as some of the more ardent fans are worn to think. There were talented ladies who bore the brunt and sacrificed a lot by taking the burden of being the forerunners of a game hitherto dominated by their male counterparts. We do remember Lucy 'Fataki' Kamweru, the late Violet Baraza who passed on early this year. Another of this pioneers lay to rest 10 days ago in the US.
She was Doris Wefwafwa. She helped the team in the 1990s taking them as team-captain to the Harare All-Africa Games-1998,having impressed earlier in Cairo in 1991, and also playing a major role in continetal championships for both the national team and club (she played for Kenya Pipeline).
As one of the blogger on would say,
Luwefe Doris Wefwafwa ! RIP omkhana wefwe , simanyire tawe

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