Thursday, 29 November 2007

WRC last round- Sensational Finish

As interesting as they come, the World Rallying Championship WRC last round in Wales is bound to be an exciting last round of the 2007 WRC Rallies circuit. Being the 75th year for the sport, it doesn't get any better when 2 of the year's top drivers square it out on the often muddy, wet, foggy and tricky Welsh highlands.

Marcus Gronholm having led for the better part of the standings saw his lead overran by the main threat and last year's overall winner one Sebastien Loeb. The points standings have Loeb with 110 points with Gronholm at 104. This rally has to be won by a clear mark for Gronholm to be able to overlap Loeb on the standings, but from the last rally's experience, anything goes ! Again this rally has been known to claim the top contenders on the 1st or 2nd day because too much pressure maybe building on the driver's mind.
All the same, catch this on your favourite satellite TV as well as the latest on the Classic East African Safari Rally, this weekend !

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