Monday, 6 August 2007

Weekend Wrap

Pres. Kibaki hands over a cheque to gold medallist swimmer Jason Dunford.

Well,well....if I could be like 6 times my body and throw myself all over then I would get some of these many tasks done. In the last few days I have been trying to get so many things done and visit so many places, see enough people but alas ! There is ONLY ONE dude here !
The weekend had some interesting picks for me and I could say I missed a couple as I attended to a few pressing issues which spilled over into the weekend;
All-Africa Games:
The Kenyan team was rewarded for the performance (which I reviewed here....). The toast of the day as usual was Jason Dunford as he was rewarded his booty of KShs.1.6 million (approx.US$25000)which the Dunford family declared will be committed to a foundation to help upcoming swimmers and help sensitise Kenyans about the sport and develop it. The World Youth Athletics team and hockey teams were also present in what can be described as the biggest lump-sum amount that the Kenyan Government has ever given out as reward to its sports people. A total of KShs. 11.9 million was given on that day by the President.
It's a positive move by the Government as it moves to buttress and help grow sports disciplines in Kenya. The Minister charged with sport also mentioned the tabling of a Bill concerning sports in the coming days. A friend of mine says it has been lying in the Attorney-General's chambers for more than 3 years now. I'll try get a sneak preview and post some comments on this blog. Methinks they should get more serious with sports than giving it tokens of appreciation.
I was also concerned given that I visited the Nyayo National Stadium Basketball Gymnasium and the game is surely at its lowest can you have less than 500 fans in the same grounds that other sportsmen are being bestowed for their performance ? I was even more appalled to see some top officials stroll in ,in the official dress for the All-Africa Games and walk around with no worries as the game registers lower and lower crowds !


Man U goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar saves Frank Lampard's kick.

The curtain-raiser of the English Premier League-the Community Shield was played with last season's winner of the Premier League-Manchester United and winner of the FA Cup -Chelsea opened what promises to be a really RICH league for the top 18 teams( details coming later concerning the new TV rights and lucrative deals signed between the clubs and the English League). It was one game that was destined to go down the wire, with Man U winning 4-1(3-0 on penalties after extra-time)at English's beloved Wembley Stadium. Both teams were cautious and they seemed to be seizing each other at any opportunity. I'll not say that this game decides anything but I feel Man U WILL NOT take this year's League title...

The World Rally Championship knocked its doors in Finland and the home-boy Marcus Gronholm made his triumph winning what seems to be adding up to be his for the taking. He has won here severally and they just don't seem to have what it takes to stop him.

The overall standings now are at:
1. M. Gronholm (FIN) 75 Pts
2. S. Loeb (FIN) 62 Pts
3. M. Hirvonen (FIN) 57 Pts
4. D. Sordo (EST) 28 Pts
5. H. Solberg (NRWY) 28 Pts

Formula 1:

Hamilton takes the chequered flag in Hungaring-Hungary.

The kid is back ! Hey Ferrari pretenders they say it ain't over till the fat lady sings....I'll paraphrase that to ..."it ain't over till the whiz-kid spins"! Sorry for having bias here but Lewis Hamilton will be a major factor to this season's F1 placings. That's without doubt now as he took the Hungarian Grand Prix, causing even his team-mate Fernando Alonso to start 'cold-wars'. This was caused by a penalty Alonso incurred on Saturday as they went through the qualifying round.
The driver's standings are as follows;
1. Lewis Hamilton 80 points,
2. Fernando Alonso 73
3. Kimi Räikkönen 60
4. Felipe Massa 59
5. Nick Heidfeld 42

I feel pained while trying to report this game. It has the potential of pulling crowds and the entertainment enormous if only the officials woke up from their slumber ! What do you make of a game having 4 quarters and the final score is 62-42 while it's a men's game ? OK the standards, I will not even go there...some of us just go there more like a religious practice more than anything else...
The top teams have some weird looking outfits and the games are usually one-sided and you find them playing what in college we called 'KAENDE'-happy-go-lucky with no serious plays and formats to interest any basketball enthusiasts. I found a few guys trying to make colourless dunks & I almost screamt to high heaven to be saved from the agony. At this rate, I might find myself going there ONLY during the play-offs where they can afford to entice more crowds and have varied entertainment. Please SPORTSKENYA bloggers I make a passionate appeal to help save this game comments/ways and suggestions to chart a way out.

The Indian 'A' team is visiting Kenya playing the national team.They have made good meal of the Kenyans,restricting them to 98 runs on the first day of their 3-day game. Action is at the Mombasa Sports Club, it's hoped Kenya will put a worthy fight as they struggle to maintain their status as the best Non-Test playing nation.

One Tyson Gay won his speciality the 100m race by racing to a 10.02 sec .
He seems to be sending warning signals to Asafa Powell as athletes start positioning themselves for the World Athletics Championships in Osaka before the end of August.

In the Kenya Cup , KCB seems to have taken the title needing only one point from the remaining game with Mean Machine on August 12th. They beat Impala 16-9 on Saturday to ensure a touch on the title. They have shown why they are a force to be reckoned with in Kenyan rugby.
Also a by-the-way, the Elgon Cup comes to Nairobi where Uganda faces up to Kenya with Kenya having won the first game in Kampala last month. The game will be played on August 11th at the RFUEA grounds. Keep it here for developing stories on this !

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