Thursday, 9 August 2007

Record break--------Baseball type

One hell of player swung his bat ....and the next thing you know records come tumbling down !
OK for the uninitiated, this is in on of America's most loved sport BASEBALL. In one of its best moments of the game, a player hits the ball with his bat, and the next thing you see the guy drop his bat and run around like some possessed animal round some spots(called BASES) and hopes to complete the circuit before any of the opposing team's players receive the ball back to the fold.
That's just a sneak to the heart of the matter. A player by the name of Barry Bonds playing for his team San Francisco Giants hit his 756th home run and broke one of baseball's most treasured records from Hank Aaron-a baseball legend in the US-at 755 home runs.

The brother didn't stop there as last night he added another hit and is slowly inching away from the previous record. The issue though is still in contention after alleged drug use which still hangs over Bonds like a smelly shirt. All I'll say here is keep hitting 'em bro !
Also related to this, the fan who caught the ball one 21 year old Matt Murphy has been informed by the IRS-Internal Revenue Service ( US version of KRA-Kenya Revenue Authority )that he might have to pay taxes on souvenir ball he caught rate of about 35 percent, or about $210,000 on a $600,000 ball.....gimme a break here....can't a guy enjoy his catch and the joys the come with the few moments of this rate the taxman will be asking for taxes on every other thing..., the view time, appearance and even air ( both the fresh and the flatulence within )...find a career elsewhere and give the sports arena a break !

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