Wednesday, 22 August 2007

FIFA World rankings -August

With a couple of friendlies lined up as most countries start looking out to qualify for their respective continental trophies, FIFA has released the latest rankings and the top 10 is fairly the same with Brazil perched at the top position. Second to fifth place are also the same with Argentina,Italy, France, and Germany respectively. England slips out into the 12th position while Iraq jumps 16 places onto 64th position following their exploits in the Asian Cup held last month.
The top African country is Cameroon having dropped one position to 16th place,and Nigeria fall at 26th,Cote d'Ivoire coming in 28th on the rankings. From East Africa, Uganda is at 98th position,Tanzania 102, Burundi 113, Rwanda 121 and lastly Kenya at 132-improving 5 places up ( are these guys REALLY sure?) . Do I need to say more ? Does KFF exist by the way ? It's been awile since I heard from those dim-wits. Or they are getting fed before coming back hungry and showing their swollen tummies ?

The top 10 is as follows;
1. (1) Brazil
2. (2) Argentina
3. (3) Italy
4. (4) France
5. (5) Germany
6. (7) Croatia
7. (6) Netherlands
8. (9) Spain
9. (11) Czech Republic
10. (8) Portgual

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