Saturday, 7 July 2007

Weekend Cocktail

Weekend Cocktail

This ought to be a great weekend for all you sporting enthusiasts. There is enough on offer to keep warm and cheerful in the house as this chilly weather continues in Nairobi. Let's see what's being served ;
The Copa America continues as the matches reach the quarter-final stages.
Saturday :
Venezuela v Uruguay and Chile v Brazil
Sunday: July 8, 2007
Mexico v Paraguay
Argentina v Peru
The Asian Cup which is being hosted by 4 countries,Indonesia,Thailand,Malaysia and Vietnam will start and continue for the next 23 days. This is a great frontier for the football game which has grown in leaps and bounds in the Asian sub-continent especially after hosting the 2002 World Cup. Japan will look to retain the Cup with Australia and South Korea all out to topple them.

The penultimate stages of the Wimbledon tourney with Finals being played. Venus Williams wants to show why she is still no push-over in women's tennis while battle for supremacy looks almost certain between Nadal and Federer for the men's game.

The British Grand Prix is held at Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton shooting from the word go. The pole positions will be decided today with the race proper taking place on Sunday. Ferrari will try be hot on the heels for the 2nd victory this season over McLaren.

The most famous bicycle riding race in the world starts in London. Interesting since it's called Tour de France . But it traverses through more than one European country before the finish down the streets of Paris with a grand entry at the Champs Elysee. The race will hope to erase last year's link with drugs where the winner Landis ended up with links to drug usage. Another favourite Italian Danilo di Luca is under investigation while Ivan Basso was banned for 2 years. Michael Pettachi will be missing from this year's Tour too. New kids on the block will hope to get the yellow jersey which was Lance Armstrong's for the taking for 7 consecutive years 1999-2005.

Tri-Nations has Australia tackling South Africa as the teams get warmed up for the World Cup in September.

England plays West Indies.

Kenya Basketball continues with a few ties for Premier and Division One Leagues.

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