Monday, 2 July 2007

Copa America

Staying with things football, Copa America has been ongoing since last week Thursday and boy what a first 5 days it has been.
First almost all the heads of state did show up for the opening ceremony and showed their solidarity with those calling for the lifting of the FIFA ban of high altitude games. At least Pres.Morales seems to be making good progress...see previous post FIFA does have heart...
Day 1:
The underdogs seemed to have read from the same script and the favourites were in for a beating. First up was Peru waking up Uruguay with a 3-0 lashing. For those who watch football, Uruguay is the only other country outside of Brazil and Argentina that has won the World Cup. They are also regular favs in the Copa America, winning the title 14 times (last won in 1987). Venezuela and Bolivia played to an entertaining 2-2 draw.
Day 2:
. Upside down it ain't working still
As said the underdogs were not in a happy mood and Brazil knows why. Mexico did it with a 2-0 victory
The other game saw Chile come from behind to snatch victory over Ecuador in a enthralling 3-2 game.
Day 3:
This was goals galore day with a total of 10 goals scored in 2 games. Argentina -last tournament's finalists and 14 time winners showed why they are favourites to go the full hog with a 4-1 win over USA. No ill intentions but for the US to score one goal against Argentina and hope that they would hold till the end, sweet wishes ! Aimar, Tevez, Crespo showed you just why !
The other game was the one-sided Paraguay 5-0 over Colombia. Why oh why has such a team gone to the dogs ? Could it have some correlation to their other not-so-favoured reputation ? Or maybe it has clouded their heads and thus slow feet ....don't laugh !
Day 4:
This saw the first quarter finalists Venezuela seal a victory over Peru 2-0.It's only fair for the hosts to make a commendable appearance otherwise it would augur well to have them leave so early.
Robinho does it single-handedly
Brazil restored their respect with a hat-trick from Robinho getting it all 3-0 against Chile.
Day 5:
Mexico became the 2nd team to teem through to the quarters with 2-1 victory over Ecuador.

Methinks this is going to be some interesting tourney as all you football fans start looking forward to the 2007-8 season. As you can see, European scouts are teeming with pen and paper busy taking notes on potential talent ( as we type here, Man U has already gotten a signature from Anderson-Brazilian midfielder). There's also other managers busy checking out their new signings to see how they will hold up against worthy opponents. It's not lost to most observers that outside the World CUp this is the most attractive Continental tourney ( forget the European one,it's just they have strong leagues but when it comes to national teams, naaah they can't hold enough light to those in the Americas)
I would also hope the Organising Team for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa are there. They will learn a lesson or two especially on crowd management,security and also promoting the local and regional culture. It's of paramount importance that the guys in South Africa know some of these things man, the lesson from the WC will draw the future for countries hosting major tournaments especially those in the rest of Africa (with the exception of the North African ones-no offence my Arab brothers, it's just that we don't always seem to be on the same tournament at times-you always switch sides depending on which side of the bread is buttered !)

Keep watching though ...more exciting football is in store and SK will be there to update you on developments.

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