Monday, 4 June 2007

Tusker Sports-Way to Go EABL !

Tusker Sports – championing the transformation of sports in Kenya.

This is a big one but not suprising. For awhile now, I have been watching various companies as they address the shareholders and citizens alike and give their announcements and good performance. EABL has never disappointed and for that a big heee-hooo and a clap !
We've all seen their promotions and adverts and some are truly unforgettable. But for me and the sporting fraternity, their best news ever was the 2006 announcement of the launch of Tusker Sports.
Tusker Sports
This was launched on 14th November 2006 with a flagship brand Tusker Lager, designed to champion professionalism in the management of sports.
Tusker Sports will in the long run seek to nurture and grow sporting talent from the bottom up. Starting from the Ksh. 330 million 3-year sponsorship agenda announced by Tusker Lager in 2004, Tusker Sports is the umbrella banner under which all Tusker Sponsorships will run. These are: The Tusker Kenya Open, The Tusker Race Day, The Tusker Safari Sevens, The Elgon Cup, The Tusker Cross Country Circuit, Tusker Football Club Ltd. It will include the underlying mini sponsorships within the bigger picture.

EABL Marketing Director Patricia Ithau was quoted saying that Tusker will seek to consolidate all its sports sponsorships and ensuring in order to ensure consistency and continuity in all their sponsored events.
It is in this regard that Tusker Lager has developed eligibility criteria for those wishing to be recipients of Tusker Sports sponsorships that is pegged on professionalism, internal cohesion and accountability by the respective federations. Through this eligibility criteria, the Tusker Sports initiative has recorded a trickle down effect to the grass roots. We are glad that in all our sponsorship agenda’s, our monies have registered a 100 percent reach to the intended people with impressive results and positive vibe generating from it
added Patricia.

For Tusker Lager, this trickle down effect forms a core part of EABL’s Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. Ken Kariuki, Director Corporate Affairs says that through Tusker Sports,
we are indeed glad give back to the community in various ways; not only are we nurturing talent, but we are also building capacity for our event managers, sustaining an industry and making use of our various sporting facilities. Tusker Sports sponsored events are also a great social outing, a place to rekindle friendships, celebrate Kenyan patriotism and experience truly world class events

Tusker Sports, has eyes on the prize, and hopes that as a brand they will be able to bring bigger and better events to Kenya, showcase the very best of Kenyan sportsmen to the Kenyan public and most importantly ensure that sports no longer remains as a past time but indeed grows to realize the full potential of this very promising industry.
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Enough said !

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