Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Lead by Example

Last month FIFA decided to prohibit international tournaments and World Cup qualifying matches anywhere above 2,500m (8,200ft). This has a huge effect on the South Americans moreso, Bolivia, Peru,Venezuela and others that have the Andes mountains and high altitudes where they play the game.
The Bolivian president, Juan Evo Morales has taken to the field to try and prove FIFA wrong and state his claim that the game ought not to be banned from the zones mentioned. He has taken to playing exhibition matches and also given his support for the ban to be lifted.
I am impressed by what the charismatic leader has taken to. Though it might not get the decision lifted soon, the display and support rendered to the campaign gives the players and regional federation hope and galvanises their resolve to play the world's most popular game. Sepp B might have to look up into this decision and maybe re-consider the ban.
It is said that playing at high altitudes makes players not adapted to those areas tire very quickly as the air turns out to be thin, and low oxygen levels. I would be willing to support such claims but then everyone will start coming up with excuses such as the region is too wet. The others will claim that it's too hot and others still too cold.
Well let the game be played as it was and has been !
In the meantime enjoy these Evo snaps playing at high mountains.

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