Saturday, 19 May 2007

Sparkling Spurs dance along as Cavaliers Close & Shut !

OK now those were two games that I had thought might go to the next round. That is, Game 6 for both San Antonio & Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers and New Jersey Nets.
San Antonio 114-Phoenix 106

With Spurs looking to making themselves play-off regulars and also Kings of the West, they had none other than one of NBA's best imports Argentine Manu "Obi Wan" Ginobili along with star players Frenchman Tony Parker and Tim Duncan leading the assault. Phoenix were as usual the sore losers with Steve Nash snabbing the obligatory concession speech to the Spurs.
Well for Spurs they had Duncan-the back-to-the-basics ,no-nonsense big man shwoing why he is the sport's most devastating all-around player, registering 24 points, 13 rebounds and nine blocks Friday.
Some might say the Game 5 'misdemeanour'that caused Suns exit but again you never know, people always have excuses for their losses.
Cleveland 88 - New Jersey 72

The heir is here ! Well it's been said that Lebron James is the heir-apparent to Michael Jordan, though he always says that he should be judged on his own light(funny though he wears no.23 jersey and also is one of Nike's lead player endorsers ....does is it ring a bell?) Even with foul trouble and having to stay on the bench, he still led his team with 23 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists to lead the Cavs to their first conference Final in 15 years. Well can they keep the Detroit out for the ultimate prize of an NBA Play-offs Final ? Keep watching !

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