Friday, 4 May 2007

Golf- Sports tourism

Sometime back in some Sunday paper, there was this story about some interested investor who is willing to work in Kenya and make golfing a culture in Kenya as well as encourage sports tourism. This is to break from the past of just visiting parks and watching traditional dancers (no offence to all of you !)
It's a breakthrough idea that ought to be taken very seriously. I have been following this with interest I now understand why the big shot firms in Kenya fall over themselves to sponsor golf. The level of professionalism not just in the playing but also in the management is an envy of most sports. Hard to replicate ? I don't think so !

Take this, Kenya Golf Union found it in themselves to develop a golf course in Ngong Racecourse to help train amateur and lay people in golf. It is also an affordable option for those not able to pay for club membership.
Check out Quite a detailed and informative website for that !
Thus the idea of sports tourism ought to be given much thought not just in golf but even in other sporting disciplines. Imagine seeing Kobe Bryant at Nyayo Gym , Ronaldinho at MISC-Kasarani or even Tiger Woods playing a round of golf at Windsor Golf & Country Club.

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