Saturday, 12 May 2007

End of English Season 2006-7

Torture and long weekends are on the way brothers ! The end of the English Premier League comes to an end this weekend and it must be bliss to all the ladies who've lost their gents to the game.
The games to be played on Sunday the 13th will be mostly formalities except for the third, fourth and fifth-bottom teams. Wigan, West Ham and Sheffield United all have the possibility of slipping to the less lucrative First Division League ( also known as the Nationwide League). There was an issue of West Ham being deducted points for fielding Carlos Tevez-who was said to have been acquired under some dubious deal. However he has managed to salvage his season and come back in a big way making sure that West Ham at least have that one last chance of surviving in the Premiership.
As for the top teams,the battle will be for third place with Arsenal hoping to pull a fast one on Liverpool (who have decided to go for the UEFA Champs League glory instead).
Some interesting takes on the 2006-07 season coming soon......!

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