Monday, 14 May 2007

All Africa Games 2007

The Ninth All African Games begin in the Algeria in July. It is another opportunity for Kenya to showcase its sporting prowess among Africa's top countries. Some of the disciplines will use the Games as qualification to next year’s Olympic Games in Beijing.
As such it ought to be an urgent and serious assignment and it would only be prudent that the preparations be underway and be taken with much caution and skill. The reality? Most of the sports associations are yet to start their schedules and arrangements are not even in place.
This is the sad affair that is our country's sporting affairs. The government has put in place the management team led by Eng. Maurice Aluanga. The Minister has also added that much of what needs to be done ought to be laid out by the individual disciplines with the Government only assisting in the final stages.
Are you seeing what I see ? "We do not have enough funds to conduct training for the players"...." we ask the Government to intervene...blah,blah,blah"...."we'll have to leave out some disciplines due to lack of funds "
What more can I say?

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