Thursday, 24 May 2007

AC Milan -Kings of European Football 2007

Yes I said it! This game would be won within the 90 min, it would be decided by one goal and that the trophy would be headed for Italy this time…… (OK that last one wasn’t part of it)
Yes AC Milan did avenge their loss in 2004-5 Champions League campaign to give their fans something to scream(and drink about…) for the better part of the night !

Mascherano vs Kaka
It all started slowly and AC Milan had a better passing game but Jermain Pennant kept his runs on the right wing coming Milan’s way but without much fruition. They had also managed to contain Kaka to a minor role (but he did the famous ‘run-over’ started by Zidane and it was a highlight of the game…& Xabi Alonso did try but his was a bit awkward).
But towards the end, Kaka was brought down for Pirlo to take the kick and Inzaghi being the opportunist hurled himself for the ball to come off his side.
Milan 1- Liverpool 0

Filipo Inzaghi kills it for Milan

The stadium became a bit livelier as Liverpool tried to equalize but kept throwing their chances away. Milan meanwhile found their passing game but also couldn’t make headways. In the last quarter, Kaka got a through ball to Filipo Inzaghi and he did finish off clinically taking the ball off to his right then kicking the ball deftly past Reina and running to celebrate his kill.
Dirk Kuyt seemed to have memories of Istanbul 2005 in his mind by getting a header over Dida in the 85th min, but Milan managed to hold on and celebrate a historic win 2-1 at Athens.
Oh by the way, Mentalacrobatics, I saw what Mascherano did for Kaka.
PLayer of the match: Filipo Inzaghi with 2 goals adding to his tally of European goals to 38 goals in total.

When we are Kings !

Milan won their 6th UEFA Champions League title, and also the second in less than 5 years (last won in 2002-3).
Maldini became the oldest player to captain a winning side. He has been actively involved in Milan for the last 24 years (the age of Pennant's)
Costacurta being part of the team became the oldest player ever to have won a Champions’ League medal at 42 years. He joins the management team at AC Milan as of next year.
Carlo Ancelotti became the fifth person to ever win the Champions’ League as a player and twice as manager(both at Milan)
Clarence Seedorf became the first player to ever win the Champions’ League four times with different teams (Ajax Amsterdam, Real Madrid and AC Milan twice).
Gattuso, Inzaghi, Pirlo, and a host of other Italian players have added Champions’ League to their World Cup triumph last year in 2006.
Liverpool lost their first final against AC Milan.
Jerry Dudek marked his final game for Liverpool though he didn’t play.
The winner of the Champions League gets in excess of US$50 million (approx.KShs.3.5 billion) in prize money excluding TV and commercial rights which might amount to anotherUS$25 million (KShs.1.75 billion).
One Silvio Berlusconi was smiling from ear to ear....more $$$
Did someone say that English football seems to have taken Europe by storm?
Fact: Italy won the World Cup in 2006; AC Milan an Italian team won the UEFA Champs League 2006-7! Sevilla (Spanish) won the lesser UEFA Cup last week.
Commercially maybe, but title-wise…...well that's a different story.

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