Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Nondescript Cricket

I'm a very bitter person ! That's all we could do? After all upsets of 2003 which had me thinking that for once the critics would be silenced, you give them all the fodder to help fuel an even uglier war of words and comments towards Kenyan cricket?
For awhile now Kenya has been trying to get to the Test playing status. This was enhanced after Kenya put up good performances in three consecutive Cricket World Cups starting with the most memorable one in 1996. One Steve Tikolo engineered an upset against West Indies assisted by the likes of Maurice Odumbe, Rajab Ali, Tariq Iqbal among others.
In the past 5 years though, I guess we sunk quite low in the cricket world that it was no surprise as to what to expect at this year's World Cup. But would we have salvage a better position, say to the last 8 or even the semi-finals like the last time in South Africa ? Coming soon ....critique on Kenyan cricket !

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CHARLES said...

Well five years ago it was Tikolo and a bunch of 10 robots...and so it is now as it was then...Kenya is yet to get a player on par with Tikolo; and there is only so much he can do in the face of adversities such as those witnessed in the ongoing world cup. Perhaps the cricket fraternity should get the school cricket thing going...Tikolo might just decide to hang his "boots and brickbats" you know!