Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Athletics powerhouse....reality check

Kenya wins the World Cross-country championships overall title . There are numerous marathons that have been won that I have even lost count, from Rotterdam, Paris to Boston and New York. The road races too are becoming a Kenyan tradition. Checking these I would think they are in the middle to long distance classification. So what is it with the 400m, 100 & 200m sprints? Relays ( with a slight exception of the 4x400m)
History will treat us harshly for some imbalance I would like to address here.
Back in the early days of Kenya's budding athletes, there was the long distance runners who led by the likes of Naftali Temu among others would conquer the world and take it by storm. There was also an unsung hero by the name of one Seraphino Antao. Unbeknown to most Kenyans, this Kenyan was our former days answer to the Asafa Powell's , Carl Lewis' and Donovan Bailey's of the latter days. He was the gold medallist in the 110 yards and 220 yards in the 1962 Commonwealth Games. With the wins made here, a crowning moment was at the 1972 Olympics Games when the men's 4x400 m won the gold ( Asati Charles, Nyamau Hezekiah Munyoro, Ouko Robert and Sang Julius).

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